Drift Eliminators for Cooling Towers

When it comes to efficient cooling tower operation, drift eliminators are a vital part of maintaining a highly efficient cooling tower. To minimize the loss of water from drift, any water droplets that escape into the cooling tower discharge air, drift eliminators are employed in all types of cooling towers. Typically drift eliminators provide multi directional changes of airflow, and a well designed eliminator will greatly reduce water loss.

The Challenge

A few years ago, however, we began to notice that finding drift eliminator seals for our customers cooling towers was becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible. Because manufactures used different size posts and channels on their towers, when we tried to perform repairs or rebuilds it was almost impossible for us to find the drift eliminator seals we needed.

The Solution

To create the shapes and sizes we needed to meet our customers’ needs, we turned to our CNC equipment. Using our CNC equipment we created new drift eliminator seals to meet our specifications. Because of this flexibility we are able to create eliminators to fit most FRP structural shapes, like posts, channels, angels, etc. Although we do stock common sizes, our flexibility means we can custom make products to fit almost any need.

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