Midwest Cooling Towers Rebuilds a Tired Power Plant Cooling Tower


Rebuild and refurbish a tired and unsafe 44-year old two-cell wood cooling tower located at a midwestern municipal power plant.


Midwest Cooling Towers was contacted to inspect the cooling tower and found it in bad shape. In the ensuing six years, an explosion at a nearby industrial plant further damaged the cooling tower.

Time came to undertake the repair/rebuild project. The originally planned replacement of approximately 50% of the structure turned into much more when the project started. It was determined that the structure was in much worse shape and for safety’s sake the cooling tower was almost entirely replaced.

Midwest Cooling Towers was able to reuse the mechanical equipment system (gear boxes, driveshafts, motors, fans, supports) and one fan stack. All the rest of the cooling tower was replaced: new structure, fill, eliminators, distribution system, fan deck, casing, and two fan stacks.

The result was a new life for a tired cooling tower. And, a very pleased customer

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