Fabrication and Treatment of Lumber

Midwest Cooling Towers fabricates and treats high quality cooling tower grade lumber at a great value. For many years we have been the choice of cooling tower companies, utilities and industrial clients worldwide for cooling tower structural lumber. They choose Midwest Cooling Towers for unmatched quality, value and customer service.

High Quality Cooling Tower Grade Lumber

To ensure that we meet all CTI grade requirements, we only buy grade-stamped lumber which has been certified by a third party agency. Unlike competitors, we do not ‘regrade’ our lumber from lower lumber grades.

Additionally, all of our employees have the authority to reject materials at any stage in the production cycle. By starting with grade-stamped lumber and culling during production, our lumber is guaranteed to meet or exceed your requirements.

At Midwest Cooling Towers, we are focused on the cooling tower industry. Unlike lumber brokers who sell to all industries, we are keenly aware of all issues and demands facing the cooling tower industry. In fact, over the years we have supplied, fabricated and treated millions of board feet of cooling tower lumber.

Excellent Value & Competitive Price.

Not only do we supply the finest tower lumber available, we do it at a most competitive price.

Our large inventory and purchasing power allows us to provide competitive, stable pricing. Additionally, our buying power ensures a constant supply of lumber during times of material shortage.

On-Site Treatment Facility

We are in complete control of all aspects of your lumber project. We do not use third party treatment facilities which typically do not understand the demanding requirements of the cooling tower industry. Additionally we are a licensed Osmose wood preserver, which guarantees we use the latest in research and treatment technology.

Our quality control program ensures that your lumber will be treated in accordance with all CTI and EPA standards. We maintain complete treating records and reports for all cooling tower lumber treatment projects. These reports are available at no additional charge.

We only use oxide based treatment formulations. This eliminates the formation of any surface residue. Salt based formulations leave a sodium sulfate precipitate. The precipitates can carry unfixated, hazardous chemicals which are released during start-up.