Pultruded Fiberglass Panel Fan Decking System

Midwest Cooling Towers Plank hot water basin panel system interlocks and overlaps to form a safe, strong working surface on your cooling tower. Manufactured of pultruded fiberglass reinforced polyester, the lightweight, high strength and corrosion-resistant design offers quick, easy installation. it is available with a gritted surface for fan decks, or a smooth surface for use in hot water basin applications.

Important features include:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Nonskid walking surface
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Will not rot or decay
  • Strong
  • Fire retardant
  • Nonconductive
  • UV-protected
  • Easy, quick installation

Midwest Cooling Towers Plank decking  system is available in 1-1/8″ deep panels, 24″ wide. Normally gritted available in 20′ and 24′ lengths. Other lengths are available through special order. The panels interlock and overlap to form a continuous, solid surface. The quick screw-down construction system ensures rapid installation and reduced field labor costs.

The standard resin system is a slate gray fire retardant polyester resin meeting the requirements of Class I rating of 25 or less per ASTM E-84 and the self-extinguishing requirements of ASTM D-635. The resin is UV inhibited and the composite includes a surface veil on all exposed surfaces for enhanced corrosion and UV protection. Other resins and colors are available upon request.