Fan Stacks for Cooling Towers

fan-stackHere at Midwest Cooling Towers, we take great pride in manufacturing some of the finest fiberglass fan stacks available for cooling towers.

For over a decade we have been the fan stacks of choice by cooling tower manufactures, utilities and industrial companies around the globe. They choose Midwest for our high quality, best value and unmatched customer service.

Midwest Cooling Towers fan stacks are produced in our well equipped 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility utilizing four independent production lines. This gives us the capacity required to meet the delivery schedule of even the largest cooling tower projects.

Midwest Cooling Towers’ experienced manufacturing team employs rigorous quality assurance and control program as well as advanced manufacturing techniques to bring you engineered solutions that consistently fit, direct from the factory.

With Midwest Cooling Tower fan stacks, you tap into an outstanding combination of high quality plus advanced manufacturing techniques.

  • Wide selection of sizes- 100 different stock profiles with custom molds available.
  • Resins available in general purpose or Class I or Class II Fire Retardant formulations.
  • Colors available in the standard Mist Gray or optional custom colors.
  • Hand laid with layers of woven and mat fabrics to maintain product consistency.
  • Mat and woven fabrics are specifically engineered into the total laminate to provide the structural requirements needed to make our fan stacks the finest in the industry.
  • Our equipment and manufacturing facility comply with the latest EPA air quality standards, (MACT) and a  Title V air permit is in place.
  • The Midwest Cooling Towers Quality Assurance Program provides detailed standards and records for each manufactured item.