Counterflow Cooling Tower Nozzles

The Midwest Cooling Towers PFC counterflow distribution nozzle is an efficient, non-clogging nozzle designed specifically for all counterflow cooling tower applications.

The patented PFC design provides excellent flow characteristics and a very uniform spray pattern, enhancing the cooling tower’s thermal performance. A unique color coding system allows for easy identification of the correct orifice size, from .75″ to 1.5″.

The PFC nozzle is easily installed- it attaches to the distribution lateral with a PVC adapter using standard 2″ NPT threads. Other 2″ threads are available on request. The nozzle can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

The Midwest Cooling Towers PFC nozzle is manufactured of inert high strength injection molded polypropylene for outstanding corrosion resistance. Gusseted teeth enhance the nozzle’s strength. Plus, the bottom plate locks into place for additional security.