Drift Eliminator Seals for Cooling Towers

The M-Seal has made it much easier and faster for our customers to seal around FRP structural shapes. We recognized a need in the cooling tower industry for drift eliminator seals in an FRP tower using pultruded channels for tie lines.

It seems most manufacturers are using different size posts and channels on their towers and we found it nearly impossible to find what we needed. Because of this, we decided to use our CNC equipment to develop a new drift eliminator seal that is capable of being produced in virtually any size and shape.

With CNC technology, we have the ability to machine a product to fit most FRP structural shapes, such as posts, channels, angles, etc. We stock some of the most common sizes, but we can also custom quote to your specific needs. Just send us a sketch with your dimensions and we will send you a proposal and possibly a prototype seal to fit your needs.