The Midwest Cooling Towers team will work with you through all the stages of your cooling tower project; design, budgeting, planning and installation; to make sure you get the best job for the best value.

fan stack

We can also help you with cooling tower thermal performance testing, cooling tower inspections, cooling tower optimization and upgrades and even temporary cooling towers.

  • New Construction
    Our team will work with you through all phases of your project to make sure you get the best job for the best value.
  • Counterflow Towers
    Space efficient design in either traditional wood or more popular fiberglass composite structure.
  • Crossflow Towers
    Classic, proven design available in wood and fiberglass composite structural members.
  • Ethanol Towers
    Midwest Cooling Towers’ design and construction teams offer you the best cost option in cooling towers for your ethanol/biofuels project.
  • Repair & Emergency Services
    When your cooling tower is off line because of some kind of damage, we can help you get it back up and running.
  • Reconstruction & Upgrade
    Our experienced engineering and design staff can provide cost effective and value added solutions for even the most challenging cooling tower designs.
  • Maintenance & Support
    Our Performance Plus Program is designed to provide complete customer support for the proper maintenance operation and optimization of the existing cooling towers.
  • Cooling Tower Parts & Components
    Our large selection of cooling tower parts and components offer you best cost alternative to expensive OEM parts.